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Palieri, Victoria, Red Globe


Facts & Figures

Located along the Vardar valley in southern Macedonia, right next to the border of Greece, Vittoria Fruit has developed 140 ha of vineyards with state-of-the-art agro-technology and now produces grape varieties suitable for the EU markets. The company’s packing center is located among the vineyards and has a cold store for pre-cooling and storing harvested grapes with a 1000-ton capacity. Global GAP and BSCI certified.

Products & Services

Vittoria Fruit is dedicated to producing the best grapes for demanding markets. While developing its vineyards over the last decade, the company has increased the acreage year by year and tested different grape varieties to achieve the best growth. Varieties that we can currently offer include: Prima, Victoria, Sublima Seedless, Michele Pallieri, Red Globe, Regina Inzolia and Apulia Rose Seedless. Varieties that we can offer for the future (young vines) include: Crimson Seedless, Sugraone Superior Seedless, Regal Seedless, Autumn King.

Mission & Vision

The family-owned Vittoria Fruit is dedicated to steady and continuous expansion of the vineyards, along with implementation of the latest technologies available. Its priorities are continual investment and engagement with foreign experts to gain the best available industry knowledge for the company agronomists and the management team. Vittoria Fruit believes that a good climate, clean water, and a positive outlook are the right ingredients for the best future results. Aiming to become one of the best and largest exporters of table grapes from the highest quality in EU.

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Our varieties


White table grape, known for its productivity and the really early ripening and harvest. The bunches and berries of the Victoria are very attractive. This sort transports well and can be stored in a cooling chamber for long periods of time. After ripening the bunches can remain on the vine for a long period of time. The harvest time for this sort begins from 15th of July and lasts until the 15th of August. The bunches are big and compact and weigh around 800 - 1000 grams. The berries are big and weigh around 6,5 grams. World renown for its gold color and impeccable taste.
Expected production: 500 tons.

palieri 1.jpg


Black table grape, known for its resistance, making it perfect for storing and transportation purposes. Very famous around the European market because of its looks and neutral flavor. The bunches are big and compact and weigh around 700 - 800 grams. The berries are big, strong and oval with a thick crisp. The harvest of this sort usually begins around the 10th of August until the 30th of August.
Expected production: 400 tons.


Red-purple table grape, popular around the world due to the beautiful appearance and the longevity and resistance, making it perfect for storing and transport. This sort is the best sort when it comes to transporting purposes and storing it in a cooling facility. The harvest for the Red Globe is later than the Victoria and Michele Pallieri and begins usually from the period of 25th - 30th August and it finishes in the end of September. The bunches are really big, around 800 - 1200 grams. The berries are big and oval, and weigh around 9 - 10 grams.
Expected production: 400 tons.

prima 1.jpg


A black table grape sort that is excellent because of its early harvest - it happens from the 5th to the 10th of July and it lasts until the 20th of July. Famous for its sweet taste. The bunches are medium - sized, around 400 - 600 grams. The berry is also medium - sized.
Expected production: 100 tons. 


The Sublima Seedless is a white seedless variety. It is widely popular because of its very early harvest, starting from the 15th of July until the 5th August. Furthermore, it is popular due to its organoleptic qualities and its good appearance. The bunches are medium sized, around 350 - 500 grams. The berries are small to medium, with a very sweet flavor and a golden color, very similar (but larger!) than the turkish Sultanina.
Expected production: 150 tons.

sublima 1.jpg


Apulia Rose Seedless is a new variety of seedless table grapes. This is the first variety of seedless table grapes created in Puglia. It is a late ripening grape, berries, red and firm, crisp flesh, rich in antioxidants. 

It has very good bud fertility, high productivity and is very consistent over time. 
The good resistance to adverse climatic conditions and the main pathogens allows significant reduction in the number of insecticide treatments. Also the cluster has good versatility for innovative packaging. The bunch size is about 700 - 1000 grams. Expected production: 100 tons.


A white table grape sort that is probably of Eastern origin, cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond. There are many synonyms for the Regina, such as Afus Ali and so on. Excellent variety for taste and for the characteristics of transport and storage. It is one of the most common varieties in the world. The brunches are large, elliptical short or long, with golden colour and weigh around 600 - 800 grams. The harvest beggins from the 1th of September and lasts until the 10th October. The berries are very attractive, with a simple taste. 
Expected production: 150 tons.



We at Vittoria Fruit recognize that the future in the fruits and vegetables sector is with the seedless varieties. That is why we have over 40 hectares planted with young vines of several different varieties such as the Regal Seedless, Sugraone Superior Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Autumn King.. Expected production of seedless varieties starting from 2020: 700 tons! 

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Way of packing - way of life

Vittoria Fruit has its very own packing facility where we can pack our grapes according to your needs. Carton boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, 5kg, 7kg, 10kg, you name it - we can pack and deliver it. We have two packing lines for 60 working places total, each working place is equipped with its own weighing scale which means that we can deliver the exact weight that is needed for the customer needs. Additionally, our company has its own chambers where we cool and store our grapes. Following the harvest and packing, grapes are being cooled by the use of a specific cooling regime aided by scientific factors dependent on outside temperature, the variety of the grape and the way of packing. The cooling chamber has the capacity of 1.000 tons, providing the necessary conditions for successful storage of our grapes!

packing facility.jpg
cooling storage facility.jpg
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Celebrating Saint Trifun!

14th of February

The holiday of St Trifun is greatly venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church, in which he is also the patron saint of table grape producers and winegrowers. The celebrations are a fertility rite intended to encourage the growth of the vines, and it is also thought that human infertility can be cured on this day.

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